150 square meters of multi-functional space for musicians. Kiev.

This is the bachelor apartment for a musician. Initially the task was to make the interior design similar to the loft - open space for creative people. The first zone is a kitchen-living room. The main task was to make interior design looks like a modern bar but convenient for in-home use. Therefore, instead of the usual cupboards and countertops used a kitchen island, which simulates the bar-counter. A "chandelier-woman" is a center of area because of its size and unusual openwork texture. This is my author's lamp. Marble table with bio-fireplaces adds atmosphere of home-bar too. Bedroom also carries on the main idea of the interior - openness and spaciousness. Instead of an ordinary bed used a mattress in the podium. The bath is located in bedroom so it gives the opportunity to take a bath and enjoy the view from the window. There is only one hidden room in this apartment - a bathroom with a shower, which is in the separating partition between the kitchen and bedroom.

Tel-Aviv, Israel

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