Unlike the standard planning solution for the RiverStone residential complex, the common space has become open, combining the functionality of different rooms.

Built-in furniture flows into wall panels, and kitchen cabinets move into a wardrobe.

The "core", which was formed in the center of the apartment, includes a pantry, a wardrobe in the bedroom and living room, and a dressing room. At the same time, the “core” divides the apartment into two main zones: common (front zone), and personal use zone (back zone). Thanks to two exits from the bedroom you can get into either the living room or the bathroom and dressing room.

Hotel Amarin

 It's not a hotel, it's a space ship in a dense pine forest on the beach. At the same time, the super-modern building naturally blended into the island of Rovinjon in Croatia. Hotel Amarin was built in 2016. And for today this is one of the most modern hotels. In Croatia, so it is. The Amarin hotel is very extraordinary. Starting from the shape of the building. No sharp corners and forms for you.There is any sharp corners Its curvature in the form of a "propeller" allowed to make all the rooms with an amazinig view. But at the same time, blent the building into a small piece of land. Hotel Amarin is not a high-rise building that would have disfigured the view of the coast. The hotel has only 5 floors. And they are clearly zoned. The first floor is a huge space with practically no separetoins. There the whole social life - the reception, the lobby, the restaurants, and the children's play areas. In it -. Therefore, the first floor is open and technologically as it possible. There are no stairs in it. All movement on a ramp that connects floors and creates real tunnels. It`s make the feeling that people are moving through the air. Despite its modern appearance, the Amarin Hotel fitting naturally into the landscape. The first floor externally mirrors the forest views. The theme of nature is also supported with massive columns that hint at age-old trees. The rooms are located in four white floors. In fact - the walls are glassy. The partitions are special curtains, located not inside, but outside the building. This gives the effect of incredible airiness and transparency of the building . Due to you could see not walls, but admire nature.


Skyscraper looks lika a huge Chinese Flashlight. Why not, thought the architects Skidmore Owings & Merrill and built a skyscraper in three-dimensional origami style between the airport of Beijing and the Forbidden City. Due to unusual glazing, which repeats folds on paper lanterns, the skyscraper seems unusually light and airy. Hard to believe that this is a full-fledged office building, not an art object or a sculpture. Moreover, these "honeycombs" are also functional. Between them and the interior space of the building are gaps, through which the air circulates and creates a sense of visual connection between the floors. Well, the shape of the building in the form of a Chinese flashlight is also not accidental. According to the idea of architects - this is the traditional Chinese sign of greeting and attracting good luck. Because it`s near the Beijing airport and high-speed highway. The idea to build a skyscraper in in the voluminous origami style was born accidentally. One member of the team folded a sheet of paper during the discussion of the project and all understood that`s faceted surface was what they need.

Powder Laundry

Laundromats are mysterious places full of opportunities for chance encounters and awkward moments, staring at your clothes swirling round in the machine.
Laundry has many additional power outlets and USB chargers. you can spend every minute there with profit. The circular window of the washing machine becomes
a recurring motif, with joinery created from overlaying multiple circles, and material selections such as white perforated metal backed with a soft pink.

Black drop

Ark4lab of architecture

'Black drop' is a place where post industrial contemporary urban aesthetics meet the 'obsession ' of coffee lovers in a way that coffee experience becomes a social act. Materials such as  terrazzo, сopper, concrete, wood surfaces, rusted walls gives you the sence that you are a part of a laboratory where you can act and react . Α wooden platform built in levels and positioned towards the ‘Kapnergaton’ square removes its boundaries with the exterior transforming the coffee shop into an urban space of gathering. this emerging urbanity is complemented by a wooden structure with references to the parametric design where the user can sit and enjoy the coffee in different ways. Among the old walls there are works of art embedded in the space, such as a portrait made of traditional tiles and a rhinoceros model analyzed in triangles.

Roca London Gallery

Zaha Hadid, the head of Zaha Hadid Architects workshop, made an unparalleled contribution to the world architecture. She was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is considered the Nobel Prize for Architecture.
The concept of the Roca London gallery, designed by Zaha Hadid's workshop, is inspired by various water conditions. It flows from the facade to the gallery in the form of drops of water.
Glassconcrete and fiberglass reinforced gypsum were the best materials for simulating the transfer of liquid forms to the environment.
Fiberglass and fiberglass were used to make the main gallery.


development facade for the business center

Apartment Kiev, 85m2

Been implemented one more interior!

How to start the repair?

How to start the repair?

Beginners, who have never made a repair, often ask how to start a renovation. I have some thoughts based on my own experience.

Plan the budget

Let`s start from the beginning. At first you should ask yourself - are you ready to be absorbed in renovation? Then you should determine your budget. The reality is - if you have less then 200 $ per square meter (without considering furniture), there is no need to engage a designer. Because it would be pointless.  If you have less then 200 $, you could afford only budgetary building materials. So it would be almost impossible to turn in life the pictures of your dream interior. I want to notice that price in 200 $ it`s possibility to get modern, comfortable and exclusive look of your future apartment or house. Moreover designer give you necessary working plans and schemes for building. It`s must-have that helping you to avoid many mistakes.

Choose the designer

The  most common mistake is when you blindly follow someone`s advices or when you hire the designers because you`ve heard this  loud name. The best choice could be only when you really like projects of your future designer. It gives you a possibility to get the interior you really want and like. I have a little advice - if you chose the designer you really like, believe him. There is no need advice him how to make his job. Give him a freedom for creativity. And your designer will make a really interesting and exclusive project. There is another thing that could spoil your future interior. It`s when a customer try to cut down the prices. It`s your risk to get something different than you ordered. Because cheap cheese it`s not  the same that original tasty one. Buying the cheap services you usually get low quality.

Choose the builders

I select the builders by using a tender. I give building schemes to different companies for counting estimate cost of building works.  It gives an understanding of how the companies relate to their work, their qualification and guarantee. Some design-companies offer their owner construction crew not giving you a choice. At the first sight it seems like a bonus. But it`s illusion. Only a tender shows you market prices for the same works.

Choosing a construction team with a foreman you will get rid of many problems. If you have a limited budget and have many time it will be cheaper to find individual specialist for every kind of work. Final cost will be lower because you wouldn`t pay a foreman. But you should be ready for some difficulties: long lasting repair and spending much your time. Definitely it's not worth reducing your expense on builders. Cheaper and  unqualified builders would spoil even the perfect design.

So my main advice is hire only highly skilled specialists. And you'll definitely get an interior of your dream.

A virtual reality

Your new apartment - it is that the bare walls, which is hard to imagine your future home? It is easy to correct. Now in the area of design have the opportunity to get into your house even non-existent. When ordering the project you get to move around into your future home and walk from room to room to maximum effect thanks to the presence of VR helmet and workshop ONEDESIGN :)

ONEDESIGN and global resource Archilovers

Workshop ONEDESIGN noted by one of the most authoritative world resource for designers and architects Archilovers.
The project is multi-functional space for the musician has been recognized as one of the best projects of 2015.

This is the bachelor apartment for a musician. Initially the task was to make the interior design similar to the loft - open space for creative people. The first zone is a kitchen-living room. The main task was to make interior design looks like a modern bar but convenient for in-home use. Therefore, instead of the usual cupboards and countertops used a kitchen island, which simulates the bar-counter. A "chandelier-woman" is a center of area because of its size and unusual openwork texture. This is my author's lamp. Marble table with bio-fireplaces adds atmosphere of home-bar too. Bedroom also carries on the main idea of the interior - openness and spaciousness. Instead of an ordinary bed used a mattress in the podium. The bath is located in bedroom so it gives the opportunity to take a bath and enjoy the view from the window. There is only one hidden room in this apartment - a bathroom with a shower, which is in the separating partition between the kitchen and bedroom.

Main entrance & stairway interior design

Unfortunately, developers of residential houses spend little attention to interior entrances and stairs, and in fact they are the portals before your apartment.
Basically it is lackluster painted walls. Workshop ONEDESIGN has designed main entrance & stairway, and proposed several budget designs. We also placed a box-transformer for storing shoes. This multifunctional box also on the idea of the designer is a place to sit.

Bar Agricole

This modern bar, located in San Francisco's industrial South of Market district, is the product of close collaboration with numerous artists and fabricators.

Interior AK, design by INT2 architecture.

One-bedroom apartment for rent.
Budget (800 000 rub., Appliances, furniture and decoration);
The use of inexpensive and readily available interior materials: painted walls, pine-board, ceramic tile, plywood. Concrete floors in the hallway and on the balcony and ceiling from the builder left without finishing.

Bistro Luna

Bistro is situated in Expo 2000 Office Park in Sofia, Bulgaria. The aim of the client is to provide a small space for eating and taking breaks which will serve as a non-formal social hub for the fast growing community of office employers in the area.

Swinging Chair

Designer Iwona Kosicka, has created a swinging chair, made of wood, designed to hang from the ceiling.


The collection consists of one single and a double seat where arms or side table can be added.

A central auxiliary piece that combines different seat heights with table is also included to complete the set.

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