Skyscraper looks lika a huge Chinese Flashlight. Why not, thought the architects Skidmore Owings & Merrill and built a skyscraper in three-dimensional origami style between the airport of Beijing and the Forbidden City. Due to unusual glazing, which repeats folds on paper lanterns, the skyscraper seems unusually light and airy. Hard to believe that this is a full-fledged office building, not an art object or a sculpture. Moreover, these "honeycombs" are also functional. Between them and the interior space of the building are gaps, through which the air circulates and creates a sense of visual connection between the floors. Well, the shape of the building in the form of a Chinese flashlight is also not accidental. According to the idea of architects - this is the traditional Chinese sign of greeting and attracting good luck. Because it`s near the Beijing airport and high-speed highway. The idea to build a skyscraper in in the voluminous origami style was born accidentally. One member of the team folded a sheet of paper during the discussion of the project and all understood that`s faceted surface was what they need.

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