How to start the repair?

How to start the repair?

Beginners, who have never made a repair, often ask how to start a renovation. I have some thoughts based on my own experience.

Plan the budget

Let`s start from the beginning. At first you should ask yourself - are you ready to be absorbed in renovation? Then you should determine your budget. The reality is - if you have less then 200 $ per square meter (without considering furniture), there is no need to engage a designer. Because it would be pointless.  If you have less then 200 $, you could afford only budgetary building materials. So it would be almost impossible to turn in life the pictures of your dream interior. I want to notice that price in 200 $ it`s possibility to get modern, comfortable and exclusive look of your future apartment or house. Moreover designer give you necessary working plans and schemes for building. It`s must-have that helping you to avoid many mistakes.

Choose the designer

The  most common mistake is when you blindly follow someone`s advices or when you hire the designers because you`ve heard this  loud name. The best choice could be only when you really like projects of your future designer. It gives you a possibility to get the interior you really want and like. I have a little advice - if you chose the designer you really like, believe him. There is no need advice him how to make his job. Give him a freedom for creativity. And your designer will make a really interesting and exclusive project. There is another thing that could spoil your future interior. It`s when a customer try to cut down the prices. It`s your risk to get something different than you ordered. Because cheap cheese it`s not  the same that original tasty one. Buying the cheap services you usually get low quality.

Choose the builders

I select the builders by using a tender. I give building schemes to different companies for counting estimate cost of building works.  It gives an understanding of how the companies relate to their work, their qualification and guarantee. Some design-companies offer their owner construction crew not giving you a choice. At the first sight it seems like a bonus. But it`s illusion. Only a tender shows you market prices for the same works.

Choosing a construction team with a foreman you will get rid of many problems. If you have a limited budget and have many time it will be cheaper to find individual specialist for every kind of work. Final cost will be lower because you wouldn`t pay a foreman. But you should be ready for some difficulties: long lasting repair and spending much your time. Definitely it's not worth reducing your expense on builders. Cheaper and  unqualified builders would spoil even the perfect design.

So my main advice is hire only highly skilled specialists. And you'll definitely get an interior of your dream.

Choose the designer, Choose the builders

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