Hotel Amarin

 It's not a hotel, it's a space ship in a dense pine forest on the beach. At the same time, the super-modern building naturally blended into the island of Rovinjon in Croatia. Hotel Amarin was built in 2016. And for today this is one of the most modern hotels. In Croatia, so it is. The Amarin hotel is very extraordinary. Starting from the shape of the building. No sharp corners and forms for you.There is any sharp corners Its curvature in the form of a "propeller" allowed to make all the rooms with an amazinig view. But at the same time, blent the building into a small piece of land. Hotel Amarin is not a high-rise building that would have disfigured the view of the coast. The hotel has only 5 floors. And they are clearly zoned. The first floor is a huge space with practically no separetoins. There the whole social life - the reception, the lobby, the restaurants, and the children's play areas. In it -. Therefore, the first floor is open and technologically as it possible. There are no stairs in it. All movement on a ramp that connects floors and creates real tunnels. It`s make the feeling that people are moving through the air. Despite its modern appearance, the Amarin Hotel fitting naturally into the landscape. The first floor externally mirrors the forest views. The theme of nature is also supported with massive columns that hint at age-old trees. The rooms are located in four white floors. In fact - the walls are glassy. The partitions are special curtains, located not inside, but outside the building. This gives the effect of incredible airiness and transparency of the building . Due to you could see not walls, but admire nature.

Tel-Aviv, Israel

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